The Bramazing Britta!!!

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The Bramazing Britta!!!

Post  Britta on Mon Oct 06, 2008 6:34 pm

The Bramazing Britta!!


Name: Well, this isn't my real name (I wouldn't tell you that) but it's Britta!! And some people know me as Elwyse.

Age: My net age is fourteen! That's right, people. (You might ask me why fourteen is yellow. I have this thing where numbers and words have colors, and fourteen is yellow. Don't ask me why.)

Ranking on the site: Yes, I am one of your lovely admins. Why do I deserve this honor, you ask? It's true I didn't found (find, found, founded, finded... I dunno!!) the site, but I am the site founder's bestie! Yeah, we're tight.

What are you wearing right now? Hmmm, interesting question. Are you a stalker? Right now I'm wearing a classic: the little black dress. I was at Lavvie's brother's Bar Mitzvah. I haven't updated in a while!


Phone: A Nokia!!! I love it!

Pets/Animals: I have a dog named Rocky. He's absolutely the cutest thing ever! I love horses, bunnies (=D) and cats. And alligators and tigers and lizards. And hamsters and guinea pigs and ALL THE CUTE ANIMALS IN THE WORLD, basically.

Hobbies: Uuuh... piano!! and violin. I love horseback riding. My favorite horses are Hohum (Slowhum), Miles (Smiles), Charlie (Charlie Brown) and Doc (uuh... I can't think of a nickname...). I'm also very good with dogs, if that counts as a hobby. I am good at science. And French.

Avatars: Yup, I'm- wait, huh? Computer, are you reading my mind?? No, just kidding. I wrote that. But I'm very big on originality avatars. So, here's my collection!

Okay, I admit it's small-- for now! It's my own private store of originality, so please take when you want!

Television Shows: Well, I don't really watch TV, but when I do, I love iCarly and Spongebob (don't laugh).

Movies: Please don't laugh-- Wallace and Gromit movies, Mary Poppins, The Last Mimsy (I love sci-fi)... I'm trying to think, so I'll post whatever else later.

Please visit and make comments! I'd be really happy!

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(I will update this laaaater!)

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