You wish you were this cool!

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You wish you were this cool!

Post  Michaela on Mon Oct 06, 2008 9:09 pm

This is Michaela!
Here are some of the things I like:

Animal: Cat, horse, dragon, shark
Colors: magenta, orange, green, purple, turquoise, black
Hobbies: reading, writing, drawing, animals, computers
Food: sushi, hawaiian pizza, mushrooms
TV: ATLA, Heroes, invader Zim
Books: Speak, Twilight, morganville vampires, vampire academy, inheritance cycle, the fire within, warriors, because of anya, the westing game
Music: avril lavigne, evanescence, venetianprincess (youtube)

Other non-negative info

Phone: white rumor
Pets: cats: Hazel and Tawny
Fish: Mojo, Butterfly, Sunny

Animals: dogs
Colors: puce, snot green
Hobbies: sports, singing
Food: onions and tomatoes.
books: i hated the ending of the giver, a single shard
music: rap, hip hop, miley cyrus, most country

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Re: You wish you were this cool!

Post  Evangelina on Mon Oct 06, 2008 11:34 pm

OME! i luff Venetian Princess! i especially like the I kissed a girl eldery remix!


Regular: Evagelina

Green: Ketta-Brinn

Purple: Stacey

Blue: Jules

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