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Post  Ramenoodles on Sun Jan 25, 2009 8:53 pm

Name: Romana Parks
Age: 14
Physical Description: Tall, curly brown hair blue eyes, pretty,skinny
Personality: loves playing soccer, funny, loves to read, cool
RP sample: I look around the field for an open player. Just then the defender goes to guard another player, and I have a perfect shot. I raise my foot and kick the ball towards the left corner. Goal! My whole team gathers around me and go on one knee, saying "We are not worthy, we are not worthy!" I smile, and look at the stands. There's my mom and brother, Sam, cheering me on. My dad is off to the side, talking on his blackberry, as usual. I get so annoyed when he does that! Why is he so obsessed? A lone tear trickles down my cheek.


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